Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Certification 

Certification with the Ohio Minority Supplier Development Council provides you with valuable resources to help your business grow and succeed. The Ohio MSDC can offer your business an excellent opportunity to meet with corporate and public sector buyers who are interested in working with qualified MBEs. Benefits of becoming a Certified Minority Supplier include:

We offer many formal and informal venues to meet with corporate buyers, learn about state and local opportunities, and expand your professional network. MBEs greatly benefit from being certified with the largest national organization whose certification is recognized uniformly by Corporate America in a very competitive global market place.


Certification Criteria

To become a Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), your business must meet the following National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) requirements. Both current and historical facts are considered in determining ownership qualifications and participation in the management and operations of the company.


Certification Process 

Step 1- Online Application

Complete the online application and submit electronically to OMSDC with all of the required documentation and the non-refundable application fee. Click Here.

Step 2 - Desk Audit

The Desk Audit is a review of the entire “completed” application, including all supporting documents and references. An application is deemed complete when all required supporting documentation is submitted.

If an application is found to be incomplete, an email will be sent requesting all missing documentation. An applicant has 90 days to submit the requested documentation or their application will be withdrawn.  

Step 3 - Site Visit

The Site Visit is an in-person review conducted with the owners (51% must be present). 

Step 4 - Certification Committee

The Certification Committee meets once a month to review applications for MBE certification. The committee makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors for approval or denial of an MBE application.

Step 5 - Board of Directors

The Board of Directors reviews the recommendations of the Certification Committee and make a final decision.

Step 6- Notification

Applicants will receive a written notification of the Board’s decision.

Note:  The above process may take up to 90 days. The 90 day window begins on the day that the application has been deemed to be complete.


2018 Certification Fee Schedule 

Fee Schedule


Any arrangement between an ethnic-minority business and other parties which involves apparent ethnic-minority “fronts”, or other circumstances which would tend to circumvent the certification process by placing any substantial control of the ethnic-minority business concern with a non-ethnic-minority individual(s) will be closely investigated, examined and will result in a denial or revocation of their certification. In addition, reapplication for certification under such circumstances will be denied. Submitting false information on the MBE Application is a Class II felony in most jurisdictions. The NMSDC and its Affiliate Councils shall maintain the “rights” to file charges.