Corporate Membership Benefits

It has been shown that companies who focus heavily on supplier diversity generate a greater return on procurement investments than their counterparts. The difference is typically attributed to MBEs’ ability to deliver equal value at a lower operating cost than their competitors. Minority business owners face unique challenges that require them to adapt to their industries and markets. As a result, MBEs also tend to be at the forefront of innovation and creativity in their respective fields. This situation presents corporations with an ongoing opportunity to make cost-effective business decisions that have the added benefit of positively impacting minority communities.

OMSDC helps corporations identify suppliers. These suppliers, when given the opportunity to compete for business, have a positive impact on helping corporations reduce costs and better meet their needs. These firms are not seeking set aside quotas or special preferences. They only want to compete for business.


Corporate Membership

Networking Opportunities

OMSDC recognizes that WHO you know is as important as WHAT you know. That's why we offer many networking events that are essential to making new contacts, meeting potential clients and improving the professional development of our members. To encourage this interaction, OMSDC offers a wide range of networking and recognition opportunities.

Minority Procurement

Minority entrepreneurs, whether operating as sole proprietors or CEOs of large corporations, face unique challenges in business. OMSDC helps MBEs overcome these hurdles by connecting them to public council members ready to do business.

Membership with OMSDC adds value to your business and it assists the Council in continuing to offer the programs and services listed above. We offer several levels of sponsorship; Silver, Gold and Diamond. Each level of sponsorship has added rewards and benefits.